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I graduated with praise to the School of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts "Albertina", in Turin (Italy).
They left from research on the human figure and the strong expressiveness that this can unleash, through the multiplicity of its forms.
Beginning to investigate the subject, initially the analysis focused on the painter-model relationship, solved through research into shots, the shape, the construction of perspective;
then I felt the need to project myself as well, where are hidden stories, experiences, relationships, balances and correspondences between space, time, subjects. Each depicted body was understood by me significantly, because in a reciprocal relationship with the world of things. The man and his possibilities and operational variables, make it a subject in constant definition, able to draft and revise the world itself.


She has exposed and collaborated with the group "Roots" to the Theater Colosseum in Turin.

Her pictorial works have been introduced also in several events as "Open Cages", "Art Cocktail ", "Identity and Difference".

For many years she participates in the exposures organized by the Turin gallery "Art city Friends" and to the exposure of figurative arts of Fine Arts Promoting of Turin.

She has realized site specific works and pictorial works, for public exposures and private commissions.


She has joined the "Group 8" for "Imaginarsi in Controluce" project, collaborating with Collegno town council.

Sustaining the project promoted by the didactic direction of Collegno town council, she has also realized illustrations for the book "In mean it flows the river", a bilingual book published in Italian-Arab and then distributed in primary schools of the territory.


Strongly interested to the different forms of visual communication, she keeps on her studies and searches frequenting courses of art history, painting, scenography, press techniques and LIS (Italian language of signs).

From 2007 she teaches Design and Art History in high schools and Art and Image in secondary public and private schools of the city of Turin.

Currently she collaborates to a cooperation and cohabitation project with dense program of meetings, where every participant has the possibility to spread a message, a thematic, to make real life laboratories, to organize courses, to tell fables, myths, civilization of the past that tells us about the evolution of the man...

According to the vision of the artist, community life conducts to share with others what a person is and it allows to mature and to built a common project finalized to exchange the manifold talents.


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